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Virus is a Part of Life

Pandemic might be over, but SARS-COV-2 will continue to exist. COVID-19 early diagnostics and screening are a fundamental steps that must be taken continuously so we can move forward with our lives.

We push to deliver comfortable yet accurate testing for various applications. From personal use, to nationwide variant surveillance.

Comfort Method

No swab, just gargle

A Peer-reviewed method with excellence 93,57% accuracy. The majority of children under 12 years old had not been vaccinated. Meanwhile, they just have to come back to school! Our gargle method remove all the hassle! Just drop our kit to the schools, get the children gargle, and you can transport easily under room temperature. 

robust testing

Ultra Fast and Ever Relevant!

Our mBioCoV qRT-PCR Test Kit that is proven through time to be able to detect all kind of COVID-19 mutation. The secret? The Helicase (nsp-13) and the RdRp (nsp-12) highly conserved target gene. With 100% specificity, 98% sensitivity, and reaction time as fast as 45 minutes, our kit is the best choice for your lab operations.

Do you know? This test kit was built out of extraordinary crowdfunding IndonesiaPastiBisa movement. This marks the birth of indonesian genomics startup

Variant Surveillance

Cheaper Testing, WGS Accuracy!

Understanding how a virus mutates and infects human is a critical step for making resilient future. Our qRT-PCR Variant Screening is specifically designed to accurately and rapidly detect different variants of concern within 52 minutes. It has been tested for 100% sensitivity and 100% specificity*
*for CT Value < 30

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