Meet Your Other Half

More than decades ago, we knew little about the invisible microorganisms that live around the world, including your body. Today, we believe that our lives will cease to exist without them.

The Microbiome

It is best to think of the microbiome as a community city. It comprises trillions of bacterial, fungal, and viral neighbors, all vying for space in and within our bodies. As it turns out, over 50% of our bodies are microbiome itself.

The microbiome is not only limited to humans and animals. Oceans, air, soils, and rivers all have microbial communities that affect entire ecosystems.

The Balance of Microbiome universe

We have always lived side-by-side with the microbiome, and we cannot survive without them.


A healthy microbiome in your skin helps you prevent skin problems.


A healthy microbiome in your guts helps build your immune system.


A healthy microbiome in the air helps prevent respiratory problems.


A healthy soil microbiome is essential for the growth of crops and wildlife.


A healthy microbiome in oceans and rivers helps feed and support a large number of species. It turns out that the microbiome connects life with our body and nature, in harmony and balance. Like an invisible bio-force.


What happens when it is out of balance?

Human activities are increasingly tearing the fabric of life. The overuse of antibiotics, the consumption of processed foods, water and soil contamination from household chemicals, and air pollution are causing imbalances in microbial ecosystems. From soil degradation, increased carbon dioxide emissions, rising global temperatures to dysbiosis that have a range of adverse health effects, these are problems caused by the imbalances that can wreak havoc on us and the planet.

Preserve The Balance of Microbiome, Preserve Us


Our planet may have been devastated, and diseases will still come. Therefore it is our responsibility to protect life on earth together. Maintaining a diverse and balanced microbiome in our environment and our body is imperative.


Starting with maintaining the balance of our microbiome, we are all encouraged to live sustainably and be more mindful of every action and consumption we take. Maintain a varied diet from various natural sources, exercise regularly, manage stress, consume antibiotics wisely, and choose the right ingredients for skin and body care products.


Utilizing the most cutting-edge innovations of biotechnology, it is part of Nusantics' mission to make the earth a decent place for every living thing and build a resilient and more intelligent society in the face of the new era.

Now, we can determine when to guard against microbiome imbalance and when to guard the microbiome balance.

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