Our Story

A group of curious people who care

We are part of humanity with curiosity above average! Nusantics founders dream that human and nature can coexist harmoniously in the middle of rapid mobility, consumption, technology, and production that cause earth to work very hard at the age that is no longer young.


How we began

It started from a struggle
Every day, health problems are all getting worse. Environmental degradation is looming behind humanity's back. The scariest part? Many of us experience those problems, from eczema to cancer. We are triggered to ask 'why' and do something about it.


Then we begin to question

Is the accumulation of products we consume the reason?

Is it because of the environment we live in? Or is it the manufacturing process of our daily products that degrade the environment?

Why do we find some children grow healthily in unhygienic environments, while some children with proper dietary intake, living in a hygienic environment, face health problems?


There are things we do not know

As we open our eyes, hearts, and minds, we realize that life speaks a language of its own. Just like, why do some people seem immune to the spread of a deadly virus? Why do food reactions vary to different consumers? Here are all magical things in this life that are beyond our common sense, and they may seem ABNORMAL. Behind that abnormality, we discover the unseen: A WORLD OF MICROBIOME.


Understanding the little thing that matters

The microbiome is everywhere. You can find them on the skin surface, intestines, teeth, in the water we consume, soil, animals, plants, coral reef surfaces, anywhere that life touches. When the microbiome is in balance and harmony, everything is beautiful, healthy, and alive! However, when the microbiome is in an unbalanced state, various problems arise. We realize that what we do, no matter how small it is, will impact the balance of the microbiome.


This is our purpose

Our journey in Nusantics is life-defining. It ignites the philosophers in us! As the frontline of innovation and technological advancement, we believe that sustainability is more than just recycling and recovery. Sustainability must start in our mind as consumers to be conscious of everything that we do and consume. Now that we know the significance of the unseen microbiome world, we believe sustainability should have a greater context: keeping the microbiome in balance. Fight dysbiosis.

Our Goals

We dream of a day where mankind can live sustainably andin harmony with the ecosystem in mind. We dream one day that technological advancement will bring about a deeper understanding of the nature of life, to realize that every single living being in this universe is worthy of having a common conscious understanding: maintaining the balance, not eliminating.

For humans know nothing.


Our Founders

Revata Utama
"To weave the fabric of life, Nusantics strives to advance AI-driven genomics technology to further understand the role of microbiome in every day's life"

Board of Advisors

Carl T. Wittwer, MD, PhD
Technical Advisor
Prof Carl T. Wittwer is the legendary inventor of a number of key polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technologies that are now used worldwide. He published more 200 research publications of molecular diagnostics and currently leading Immunologic Flow Cytometry di Associated Regional and University Pathologists as a Medical Director
Triawan Munaf
Triawan Munaf is a former musician, creative entrepreneur, and politician. He became the first head of the newly formed ministry-level institution as the head of the Creative Economy Agency in 2015. Currently, he serves as the main chairman of Indonesia Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, and Venture Advisor in East Ventures.
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