What is Molecular Diagnostic in Nusantics?

We developed fast and precise syndromic molecular diagnostics kits for use in clinical settings to detect microbes. Usage of precision diagnostics is imperative to improve clinical outcomes by cutting the turnaround time for the proper diagnosis of a disease.

In embracing the age of holobiont, we are also developing and utilizing next-generation molecular biology tools to enable microbial diagnosis for humans and the ecosystem.


Challenges of Molecular Diagnostics of TODAY

  • Are you having a respiratory problem?
  • Do you know that antibiotics are useless if you have a viral infection?
  • Is it bacterial acne or fungal acne? Is it eczema or psoriasis?
  • Is it curable or preventable?
  • Are you having a respiratory problem?

The next pandemic is here, and possibly in the next decades, too, we will face severe consequences caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria.


Molecular Diagnostics of TOMORROW

Behind good quality fruits and vegetables, clean water, and fertile soil is a balanced microbiome. Without microbiome, life ceases to exist. We diagnose microbes and their interactions not only in humans but also in animals, plants, soil, air, and water. Through this approach, we enable early biothreat detection.

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