Microbiome and us

Microbes and microbiome consisting of bacteria, viruses, and fungi play an essential role for us and our planet today and tomorrow.

Today, microbial testing helps us get an accurate diagnosis in health care and economic recovery. Tomorrow, the balance of the microbiome will determine the resilience of our planet's ecosystem.


Our Research

Reinventing Health in Holobiont Age

We are the first leading Indonesian research and development in molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases testing. At the same time, we embrace the age of holobiont by continuously learning the interaction between genome and microbiome.


Making Impacts

Nusantics believes that microbes and microbiome will play an active role in realizing more personalized health solutions and sustainable development.
We continue to educate, collaborate, and provide microbes and microbiome-based services through various movements. Discover our initiative moves:


About Us

We are on a journey to reinvent health through understanding the interaction between the microbiome (bacteria, virus, and fungi) and humans. Although the journey is far from over, we strive to make our innovations and microbiome service-based accessible, affordable, and beneficial.

Our Blog

Psoriasis dan Hubungannya dengan Microbiome Usus

Apa itu psoriasis? Apa hubungannya dengan kesehatan usus kita? Yuk, simak pembahasan lengkapnya di sini!

Mengenal The Gut-Skin Axis

Usus yang sehat akan membuat kulit kita sehat juga. Pernah dengar ungkapan demikian? Ternyata ada benarnya, lho! Kesehatan usus berkorelasi dengan kesehatan kulit kita juga. Kok bisa, ya? Simak pembahasan lengkapnya di sini!

Ingredients yang Bisa Memengaruhi Microbiome Kulit

Hati-hati saat memilih skincare, ya, karena ada beberapa bahan yang ternyata bisa berdampak buruk bagi microbiome kulit! Apa saja?

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