Nilai inti kami

Nilai-nilai kami dibangun dalam mimpi dan visi kami, memberdayakan semua anggota Nusantics untuk menjadi versi terbaik dan paling otentik dari diri mereka sendiri.

Bergabunglah Dengan Misi Kami

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  • We think about the big holistic picture and avoid oversimplification.
  • We believe that passion and knowledge are keys to bring impact in everything we do.
  • We embrace and celebrate diversity.
  • We take issues seriously, and treat people kindly
  • We are excited about work and life beyond work


  • We start everything with imagination and creativity in mind.
  • We focus on value creation and contribution.
  • We break the limit and embrace growing pains.
  • We never stop learning and growing.

End-game Driven

  • We are committed wholeheartedly to our end-game purpose.
  • We aim to achieve quality, speed and output
  • We work effectively and efficiently
  • We make decision with both intuitive and data-driven in mind

Kata Nusantribes

Being a Nusantribe is exciting. It feels like you're not only working, but you're also a part of a movement to spread awareness of microbiome-friendly life to society. What makes it more enjoyable is the company culture that embraces ideas and innovations to support the business goals. Plus, the people I work with are enthusiastic, fun, and filled with positive energy, despite the challenges we face in day-to-day activities.
Elisa Frederica
Business Development Associate
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