Face the New Normal With Air Scan

The growing concerns of indoor virus transmission amongst the public has urged us to answer the challenge. AirScan is Nusantics' innovation to minimize and mitigate the risk of indoor virus transmission.
By measuring the amount of virus concentration and indoor air circulation, you can discover the virus spreading risk index, helping you create an overall healthier environment for business, schools and housings.


Assess the risk of virus spread in your room

Every hour we inhale more than 400 Liters of air containing millions microbes (bacteria, fungi and virus). The pathogen presence in high concentration may increase the risk of us getting infected with diseases.

Risk Index
Risk index is a parameter that translates the propensity of a room in transmitting a disease, including Covid-19.

Each room may have different risk profile, Airscan enables the ease of understanding the index risk of your environment.

Low Risk Index = Safe space.

Why choose AirScan?



Air sampling is carried out at several points simultaneously. The results can be retrieved 1-3 days after sampling.



AirScan uses a measurable analytic method which follows the standard of ASHRAE and WHO as well as Covid-19 Risk Index.



Minimizing the risk of Covid-19 transmission and ensuring safety are our responsibility together. AirScan simplifies Covid-19 surveillance routine with comprehensive analysis.

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